Nate, the box Turtle.  Speed boat division.  No games with this one.
Skeeter the cat oversees our FBI (Fishing Boat Inspection) unit.  He'll take care of the extra catches you don't want to take home.


TGIF Boat & RV Storage    

    11840 N. I-35 Service Rd.

(SE corner of 122nd & I-35)

    (405) 796-7700    


Goose, a silver lab, and Abby, a Springer Spaniel, head up our security unit. When it comes to safety it's all black and white, there's no grey area.  (See what we did there?)
Hi, there!  We're really glad you stopped by.  That up there is Michael and RussAnn Anderson, owners and janitors of TGIF storage. Below them are Logan and Kenzie Anderson, Executive Directors of Fun and water-lovers.  Michael holds a bunch of degrees and deals with contracts all day.  He's pretty darn smart, mainly because he married RussAnn. RussAnn owns a Kumon Math & Reading Learning Center in Edmond. If you forget your storage code, she'll teach you a pneumonic device to the tune of a camp song to help you remember it.  (Just kidding, we give you a card so you don't have to remember any stinkin' codes.)  After a crazy-long wait to obtain their own boat storage and a couple of nasty Home Owners Association letters, they decided to take matters into their own hands and dive into the world of boat & RV storage!  We know storage can be boring, but we're pretty certain we are the most fun and productive team you'll find.  Come on by, we can't wait to meet you!